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The Global Leadership Coalition (GLC) trains young entrepreneurs in underserved communitites, fostering ethical leaders to create socially responsible business resulting in local jobs and economically transformed communities. These businesses are aligned to national development priorities and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which are aimed at eliminating world poverty.

We are currently partnering with CoESL (the Caribbean Center of Excellence for Sustainable Livlihoods), Terry Mante Exchange and ORios Group in Ghana to support
GLC Enterpreneurship Challenge for young entrepreneurs in addition to our technical partner, 1M1B.


We are currently raising money to support the following 2017 initiative including programs in Ghana and the Caribbean:

  • SIXTY young leaders from Ghana and the Caribbean will be selected on the basis of innovative entrepreneurial proposals they submit to participate in an entrepreneurial boot camps.
  • ​From the boot camp, TEN boot camp semi-finalists will be selected and mentored over 4 months from May to August
  • From which FOUR finalists will be selected to showcase their work at the United Nations in November and in the Global Leadership Coalition’s Virtual Summit.
Our goal is to raise $10,000 to support our 2017 program in Ghana and the Caribbean.

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$ 1,005

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